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Makeup Basics: Things everyone should have!

So I figured a good way to start off this blog would be to talk about the fundamental makeup items everyone should use in their regular routine. There are 13 items that you should use every day, or whenever you do your makeup.

  1. Face primer- This sets your face and gives your makeup an even surface to stick to. It REALLY helps your makeup last all day and night. I recommend using this especially when you are going to be out all day or at an important event so you don’t have to worry about fixing your makeup.
  2. Foundation- Foundation is very essential because it evens out the color of your face and gives you a flawless appearance. However, it’s a bit tricky to find the right one for you and your shade. Make sure the foundation matches your skin tone!! I can not stress this enough!! To see if a shade works with your skin blend in some foundation at your upper jaw bone, right around your ear. If it blends into your skin flawlessly then you have a match! Also, make sure you have the right coverage for your face, decide whether you want sheer, medium, or full coverage, match up your shade and you have found the perfect foundation!
  3. Concealer- Concealer is great for hiding blemishes and discolorations in your skin that foundation doesn’t necessarily cover. Use it under your eyes to get rid of dark circles too! Make sure the concealer you have matches your skin tone, just like your foundation!
  4. Contour- A contour goes right beneath your cheek bone, up towards your hair line, and down towards your jaw bone. It carves out your face and gives you a more defined look. You can use a bronzer, darker blush, or a powder specific for contouring. You don’t want to go too dark with your contour or your face will look a mess but you do want to go a bit darker than your natural skin tone to get that defined look.
  5. Blush- Blush enhances your cheek bones and gives you a hint of color on your face. It gives your face some more depth so its not just a flat color. You can get all kinds of blushes. Use whatever goes with your skin tone and don’t over apply because it looks a lot more natural when you just have that hint of blush.
  6. Highlight- A cheek highlight is something that can really make your cheek bones pop, it lightens up your upper cheek/under eye area. You usually want a shimmer color in this area but not TOO shimmery or you will get a crazy shine and it wont look great.
  7. Powder- Powder sets your foundation and concealer and gives you a nice mattified finish. You can use a translucent powder, tinted powder, or even a slightly shimmery powder. I would recommend using a translucent powder, however, because it works better, especially when you use a blush because you don’t want to do too much face product since you would likely go for a more natural look.
  8. Eyeshadow Base- Eyeshadow base is so so so important! It makes your eyeshadow stick to the lid and not crease. It also helps the color pop more than it would by itself. Eyeshadow base’s are usually clear, white, or tinted.
  9. Eyeshadow- Eyeshadow is SO versatile and there are so many types, finishes, and colors you can get its ridiculous!! And on top of that there are endless looks you can create. With eyeshadow you can enhance your eye color, make your eyes look larger, make your eyes more defined, and SO much more. The possibilities are endless!!
  10. Eyeliner- Eyeliner outlines and defines your eyes. You can use a pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliner. Eyeliners also come in many colors and finishes so there are a lot of possibilities with them as well.
  11. Mascara- Mascara enhances your lashes and can define your eyes even more. You can also get a more glamorous look, depending on what kind you are using. There are TONS of different mascaras. There are ones to lengthen, to thicken, to help lashes grow, to enhance your eye color, to give shine, to give sparkle, and much much more.
  12. Brow pencil/shadow- Using a brow pencil or a brow shadow really enhances your eyebrows and makes them look more uniform and put together. This really helps if you have sparse, uneven, over plucked/waxed, or unruly brows.
  13.  Lip Product- Whether its lipstick, lipgloss, lipstain, or what have you it can really add to a look. As with eyeshadow, there are TONS of finishes, colors, and textures so there are lots of possibilities. Find what colors look good on you and what colors you like but don’t limit yourself!

Now that seems like a LOT of things to do for just a basic makeup routine but I promise that it really isn’t. And you don’t have to do this EVERY day, I will do another post about what I do on just an average day where I’m running to the store and not much else. But this is what I do most days just because I looove makeup and have fun playing with it and feel so much better when I am wearing some haha. :) If you have any questions FB me or email me. ♥♥♥


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